Saturday, May 26, 2007

I went AWOL

Sorry I haven't posted lately. Stephanie sent me an email asking if DH was OK and saying she missed my posts so I decided I would get busy. I am in the middle of making a small scrapbook from a friend who is a CTMH Demo. I placed an order & she gave me a scrapbook kit as a surprise. Whoo Hoo I love surprises. I will post it when I get it done....soon. This tri-fold card I posted is from Jenn of just4funcrafts. It is a RAK she gave me & I love it. She makes these cute little butterflies from folded paper. I thought it would work well for an unusual graduation card. Thanks Jenn!

Here is the card opened. It says "and success will follow" on the inside.

I joined the SCS Rak Group and received my 1st RAK from BarbinCo . Thanks Barb, really cute card. The picture doesn't do it justice, it is really bright and cheery....!!

OK here is part of the reason I haven't posted, my DH bought me this for mother's day. I know I am really spoiled & boy was I shocked he did this. I mentioned along time ago that I thought these little cars were so cute and if he ever got a wild hair he could buy me one. I never thought he would because I told him I would have to keep my other vehicle so I had room to take my grandbabies with me. He made a comment like yeah right, you don't need 2 vehicles, so since my grandbabies are more important to me than a crazy middle aged fantasy I dropped it. That was like in Sept of 2006. Boy oh boy he is good at surprises. Anyways Now that I have gotten the driving out of my system I will try to be better at posting. I think he figured since there wasn't much room in the trunk I wouldn't spend as much $ on supplies........thank goodness for internet sites to order from. LOL Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend. PS....I have no idea why my last post came up 3 times, I only sent it 1 time so I apologize for the glitch!


Anonymous said...

Wow Lois! I guess after kids and gandbabies your Dh decided you needed a reward for all of your hard work! And hey.....I think you could fit a few stamps in the trunk. Just buy unmounted. LOL!

Allison said...

Great trifold and great car!

Peggy Maier said...

What a sweet husband - and what a nice surprise. I know you'll have lots of fun tooling around in that!