Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pink whiskerless bunny

I noticed after I had this uploaded that I forgot the whiskers and there is glue around the eyes, no white dots in either the pink or the blue eyes. I think I am running around like a crazy person & not finishing things. I am going to have to slow down and smell the roses! I made this little pink treat for my DGD. I ran it through the cuttlebug and like how it turned out. More depth to it.

This is another xmas gift from DH & DD but I needed to learn what I was doing before I tried to attempt it. This is a class from Jessica Sprague's Layout walkthrough series. I figured since today is my oldest DGS's birthday I would do him a page and email it to him since he now lives 2 hours North of here. He was down Sunday and though he would be funny and stick his face in his birthday cake. I can't believe how fast they grow. Happy Birthday Code-Man.


Patty W said...

These are great Lois!

I've been having the same problem...forgetting to finish things or how I intended to do it! Like using certain colors and then all of a sudden it's done and I used totally different materials!

I need to make a pretty journal and start writing everything down!

Love the bunny!

Kari said...

Your treat is adorable and I have to say that LO of Cody is absolutely priceless!!!! You are seriously up and running :)

Tori said...

What a handsome little man...I can't belive he is 9! What a cute LO!