Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another fruit display

Back in June, I posted the fruit display Brandy and I made for our friends daughter's wedding. At that wedding a lady approached me and asked if we did these commercially, I explained we just do them for friends, family and church events. She seemed disappointed and mentioned her 70th birthday was coming up and she was going to throw herself a party and was so hoping we would do one for her. How can you turn down someone who is going to be celebrating her 70th.......so here is her fruit display. Her party was a hit & she invited hubby & I to stay and since we knew other couples there we did. We ended up sitting and talking until 1:40 in the morning, my cheeks hurt so bad from laughing. I am so glad we didn't pass up the opportunity to make some great new friends.

Thanks for looking! Have a wonderful creative day!

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