Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Jenn

Today is my friend Jenn's tenth-29th birthday....LOL and I just wanted to give her a huge shout out. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLIE!!!!!!!!. Hope your day is extra special! Hugs!

I forgot to add credits:
Frames are by Cherie Shields
Buttons by Kristmess-Kristina Messier
Paper by Kathryn Estry-campin Stuff


Jennie Dove said...

hey you rat turd...what a surprise!!!!! I love you it infinity and beyond!

Kari said...

Lois ... how are you?!?! Busy, I'm sure ;) I was thinking of you today when I saw a preview for a kit coming out at ScrapMatters later this week ... will have to send you a link when it is available!!! Hope you are well!

Vickie said...

This is awesome, surprise,surprise.
Sorry I missed your B'Day Jenn.

So "rat turd", and Jennie Dove, when we gettin' together?