Friday, May 1, 2009

Wow, where has time gone. I have been pre-occupied with my new volunteer program and my niece. I have been volunteering at The Cancer Treatment Center of America. My niece who is battling breast cancer is being treated there so I have spent a great deal of time down there. I don't think I have been to my stamping group for almost a month now and I miss my friends very much. Miss Jenn at has prodded me almost daily to get my mojo in gear but I think my mojo went on a long vacation and didn't tell me where it was going. Jenn keeps posting these knock your socks off cards using Dustin Pike's digital stamps and I think my mojo got wind of it and decided to cut it's vacation short. Anyway, trying to get back in the swing of things, I finally printed out a freebie from Dustin's site and made this little card. I did cheat a little, the background paper is really a wallpaper border. it just screamed at me that it loved the Monkey so I caved in . The tree and leaves are from the cricut wildcard cartridge. The sentiment and cardstock are SU! Little brown vines are waxed linen from Hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by! Sorry the picture isn't the best!


Vickie said...

So happy to see that Jenn has helped get you going again. This is a great creation Lois. Miss you and all your awesome creativity. Keep it going K!
Miss you, and take care of yourself. Prayers continue!

Rachele Funk said...

Love it, miss you and I've given you an award. . . Come visit me to pick it up!!! When are you, Jenn and I doing our play date?!?!?