Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hi all,

Life around here has been rather busy lately, we have seven babies on the ground now. There is a possibility of 3 more but I think it is only going to be one more. The last two heifers didn't take I believe which is OK. They need to be a little older anyway. We have 4 bull calves & 3 heifers. The girls have been named but we are still waiting for the boys names....decisions, decisions.....My 2 year old granddaughter decided on Twinkle little star for the 1st heifer, the oldest names the 2ND one Rosebud and the youngest grandson named the 3rd heifer Princess Leya(not sure of the spelling on that one). I just wanted to share the new babies with you & then I can get back to cards & layouts....which I am really missing. I do get to go stamping tomorrow. Have a great day!


Courtney said...

SIL # 1 says" Mom. I got jipped out of naming a calf. My wife named Veal and I got jipped. Please can I name one of the babies. I promise I won't name it Tex. Love, STB

Courtney said...

Thanks! I am going to name the black one laying down. I have to think about this. So I will get back to you. Hugs, SIL

Courtney said...