Thursday, February 19, 2009

The fun has begun!

I was really surprised to find this little girl in the pasture this morning. I didn't expect any calves til the end of next week but I am not disappointed by any means. New babies always make me happy. The momma is CoCo. Not sure what this one will be named. Our grand kids always name the calves. We have Popsicle, Cupcake, Brindle, Veal, Daisy. Pansy, CoCo-no-nuts, Dora, Butterscotch, A red cow that never was names, 1314 & 1291(dairy#'s assigned to them) and now this little heifer. Just thought I would share. I do have some cards to share too, I just need to take pictures of them. Have a great day!


Brandy said...

YEAH!!! The kids are excited and wondering what Nana will name her!

Lisa said...

I love your blog! I too love gingerbread, but my husband would never let me display all I have... well only at Christmas. Good luck with the new "babies". My daughter just moved to Goodyear,AZ so now I have a new place to visit. THANK YOU for your inspiration.