Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wedding Mints

My Friend Jenn came over yesterday to help me with mints to go on the tables for the wedding. I got the idea from Cambria. We made 240 mints with Courtney & Steven embossed in the center of the "flower". If you are looking for coasters, clear tins, regular tins, brads,bind-it-all, pizza name on Jenn's name above & she can get them too you. The prices are very good there too. I am off to deliver my SU! order & to play with some friends today. I am taking a me day(although, yesterday was fun!). Happy stamping!


Kari said...

Um, can you say ADORABLE (and yummy)?!?! *LOVE* this idea!!

Rachele Funk said...

These are so cute! Wish I'd have joined the making party!