Tuesday, October 9, 2007


My friend Rachele has tagged me and put the guilt pressure on me to play so here goes....

2 names I go by:
1. Buff
2. LoAss (I do have a sense of humor because my maiden name is Wishart so I grew up as LoAss FishFart.....you either cry a lot or adapt....I adapted)

2 things I am wearing right now
1. A Halloween tshirt
2. black capri's

2 of my favorite things to do.
1 play with my grand kids
2 play in my craft room

2 things I want very badly
1 peace on earth
2 time to play in my room

2 of my favorite pets ever
1. Butchie- a great dog that we had for about 13 years
2. Tidbit- another dog we had for many years

2 people i am tagging
1 Kari at Running In Place
2. Brandy at Heritage Cupboard

2 things I did last night
1 Made enchiladas for hubby and his friend
2 Tackled my laundry room

2 things I have eaten today
1 a bagel
2. butter on my bagel

2 people I talked to last night
1 DH
2 DD

2 things I plan to do tomorrow
1 I have to get thru today first
2 work on wedding stuff

2 longest car rides
1 drove thru 19 states & Canada with parents freshman year HS
2. Washington

2 favorite holidays
1 Christmas
2 Halloween

2 favorite vacations
1 Mailboat rides with my family
2 Fishing at Sheep's crossing

2 dream vacations
1 Sheep's crossing
2. Sheep's crossing

2 favorite beverages
1Vanilla milkshake
2. Diet coke


Kari said...

I'll get to that tag ... right after I get my laundry caught up from our trip and pics posted from Disneyland ;) Fun info!

Rachele Funk said...

I surely didn't mean to make you feel guilty! I do love reading more about you though!

Brandy said...

Okay I am up for the tag-its only how many days late?