Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sam's present

I glued candy bars around the outside of a plastic bowl. I had to hold them in place with rubber bands until it dried. Once it was dried I put the floral foam in the bowl and made flowers with punches. For the center of the punch I took the big eyeballs & made a slit in the back, removed the dot (pupil) and I put various items back into the eyeball. I filled them with brads, jewels, small leaves to embellish with then I glued a wire stem to each flower, covered it with leaves and stuck that into the foam. I made a happy birthday banner using my cricut and made that stand in the middle with two wires. I put a few other things in the base on top of the spanish moss which covers the foam. I was flipping through the oriental trading catty and saw the foam scarecrow and got the idea to use a black bag for the scarecrow. I cut the top of the bag off with scalloped scissors, free handed the hat & beak. I used raffia for the hair and made his scarf and bow with some paper I have had for awhile. I used the same googly eyes that I used for the center of the flowers but left them as eyes this if you couldn't tell. LOL. Sam's basket slid right in the bag perfectly. Hope she likes it. I will try to get better pictures once she opens it. Tootles!


Kari said...

Um, seriously beyond cute!! Holy cow ... the details are fantastic!!! I'm sure she was blown away - I know I was :)

Rachele Funk said...

Um, where's mine??? Lol!!!