Monday, July 16, 2007

3 of the 5

Just thought I would share 3 of my grandkids with you. DH and I went to the 2 oldest grandsons swim meet. The oldest took home 2 bronze metals and 2 more ribbons. The youngest didn't swim, he kept everyone cooled down with the spray bottle...even if they didn't want to cool down. Little stinker.

The second oldest took ribbons home too. He was wet from the hole in his chin. The water just pours right down him. I guess it is his was of keeping cool between his laps. We tell him that his freckles on his nose are where Angels have kissed him. It was fun to watch them swim. They do very well for their ages. Love these little guys to pieces.


Laura Pierce said...

great grandchildren photos.

Heritage Cupboard said...

What cute kids!! Sorry, I had to say that cuz I am their Mommy!

Brandy said...

Mom, check out my blog. I delt with football & alligators tonight! Love ya chicky!-The oldest wisest sista! (hee hee)