Friday, June 15, 2007

Fathers Day Card & Gift

My SIL, Debbie, has been bugging me to post pictures of my work area so here goes. I just bought the IRIS containers. I have one on each side and all my punches are within easy reach, above on the shelves are some of my ribbons in SU Ribbon holders. Primas are in the baskets. I bought a lazy susan at Walmart & have my scissors, pens, pencils. rulers and other goodies in containers on the lazy susan.

I have more ribbon here which I really need to organize better but I feel I don't get enought time to create so I tend to keep putting that off so I can play more. LOL...really I am just lazy!

My SU stamps are filed in alphbetical order according to size. All my other stamps have no organization to them. I have them above my desk and next to my SU stamps.

Here I used an over the door shoe holder for my Cricut Cartridges. Inside my closet I have all my paper and alterable items. I keep my inspiration magazines, supplies and everything else in there too.

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