Monday, April 2, 2007

Popcorn Sleeve

I have a play day once a month with 2 great friends, Rachele & Jenn. Rachele is a CTMH Demo and Jenn owns We made popcorn sleeves as a project & Rachele was kind enough to do a tutorial for me to upload. Thanks Rachele you are the best!

Popcorn sleeve

Step 1: Cut CS to 12 X 7.5 or to fit your popcorn

Step 2: Use double sided adhesive, across the bottom and down the side that is folded in last, to make pocket as pictured below

Step 3: Once pocket is made (or before if you have to use a hammer and notch tool), make a hole in the top center about 1.5 - 2 inches from the top.

This is a cruddy picture, but it shows you the hole. The notch at the top is decorative and not required. . . This CS already had the cut from a previous use.

Step 4: Wrap ribbon or string or whatever you are using for the pull around the popcorn with the loose ends at the top. Tape securely to the back of the package, but leave the bottom untapped and tape just one piece at the bottom of the popcorn bag on the front as below

Step 5: Put popcorn in pocket feeding the FRONT ribbon end through the hole as below. This allows the popcorn to slide in out of the pocket

Step 6: When putting on your decorative front, DO NOT TAPE at the edge where the ribbon comes through the hole.
I have indicated this location with my finger. If you tape it there your ribbon will not slide.

Step 7: Adhere front. Pull the popcorn out to do this so the pocket lays flat.

Step 8: Tie your bow adding tag or other embellishments as desired! VOILA!

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Allison said...

Hi Lois...looks great...let me post a link to this since many of my site friends like projects just like this! Cheers!