Saturday, April 28, 2007

Flowered Tin

This little tin holds index size cards. Jenn at www.just4funcrafts has asked me to alter some goodies that she has at the store and this is one of them. It is a great size for recipes.

I made little dividers for the inside, the papers are from Hobby Lobby, I used ribbons & prismas that I was able to get from Jody .

Ok Dawn has tagged me for seven things about me you don't know.....of course you really don't know anything about me! lOl

1) I work part time for my SIL's at their drapery shop making drapes, pillows, bedspreads, valances, bed skirts and other accessories for model homes. I have a new appreciation for fabrics from this experience. My garage is loaded with left over bolts of fabric & trims.

2) I also work 1 day a week for my son in laws mom at Morgan Stanley.

3) We live in a little farming community west of Phoenix and I am surrounded by rose fields for half the year, the other half is by vegetable crops either new potatoes or watermelons.
4) We have 5 cows and 4 heifers, the cows should be calving in late September. I love when we have baby calves.
5) My DH brought home 4 queensland puppies on the same day because he couldn't choose just 2. I now live with cow manure patties on my back porch constantly! The dogs think they are chew toys!!! Yes it is gross!

6) I try to stamp or craft at least 4-5 hours daily if I can.....such an addict.
7) I am very blessed to have the family I have. I am extremely spoiled by my DH, he gave me 3 wonderful kids who have blessed me (so far) with 5 priceless grandchildren.

Ok, now to tag 7 people

4) Gwen

Sorry Guys...I can't think of anyone, I read alot of blogs but everyone has been tagged several times so I will leave it at 4.

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