Saturday, December 8, 2012

Farm Theme Baby Shower

 We had a baby shower for the newest grandson today, my SIL made this adorable farm cake that was yummy. The top layer was white with lemon filling with the bottom being chocolate with banana filling.
We made a mini fruit display and since we had a farm theme my youngest daughter carved the little pig on top from a mini watermelon.
The centerpiece was a redneck farm diaper cake.  Below we had tractor wheels (oreo cookies), chicken scratch (Christmas crack aka addiction) and pretzel turtles to snack on. There were antipasto skewers, mexican haystacks and nacho & cheese to munch on.  Several of the ideas were Pinterest steals. Everyone blessed our new little one with wonderful gifts. Thank you ALL!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mother's Day Gift

 Just thought I'd share my Mother's Day surprise.  We went to a wedding about 2 years ago and I made a comment about how I would love to have a vine covered walkway like we saw at this wedding. My DH remembered that and built this one for me for Mother's Day.  We have since planted vines and they are SLOWLY starting to grow. It doesn't help with temps being in the 107-109 range. Poor plants.
Just a update on the garden, it is producing yummy veggies, keeping our pantry and frig stocked. I am sure the weather will take over soon. Hope you are all well and I am going to try and do some cards and pages soon. Hope you summer is going well!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

DH moved a raised garden bed next to the first one we put in. Nothing was growing in it due to my secret garden shading it so now it will have plenty of sunshine. My daughter took this picture on her phone and it is not edited at all. We just planted stuff last night, hoping this time all the wild little critters will not gobble them up.
My oldest daughter taking pictures of her youngest son who is the master planter. Boys and dirt.....not sure why they love it so much but they do.
This is my secret garden that was shading the raised bed. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunflowers and baby gift

I planted sunflowers next to the house in the winter not sure if they would grow, this one is about 9 feet tall and hasn't bloomed yet. Others have bloomed at about 6 feet and the heads are so big they are too heavy for the stalks to hold them up. I have volunteer onions and flowers at the base of the flowers. Don't look at the wrinkles in my hand in the next picture....LOL I just wanted you to see how big the heads are.

This is a gift my daughter made for her friend. She used receiving blankets for the flowers & a larger blanket for the base. I love what she did and will be casing this for the next shower....which may end up being hers. Have a great day!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012


This baby was born this morning.....haven't checked to see if we have a little heifer or bull calf though.
Same baby standing for the first time....very wobbly and momma seems pleased.
The white face cow laying down is in labor....poor baby. I had to quit watching her cuz I was getting light headed holding my breath & pushing for her...LOL. (scary but true)
My niece is expecting in May & her shower is this weekend so I made her a bouquet from baby wash clothes and receiving blankets.

Wow time flies, I haven't posted in ages....I guess life took over. Have a great day!