Friday, May 7, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week

My oldest daughter asked me to help her with a booklet for her middle son's teacher. She and the other mothers have made and given some pretty awesome gifts to their children's teachers this week, lunch, gift card baskets, flowers and chocolates, spongebob baskets(one teachers favorite). I thought I would show you how the booklet came out. DD and another mom asked the kids to give them answers to questions like "What I love most about Mrs. Davidson is...". I must say there were some pretty funny answers from liking her funny laugh to going to miss cursive(little do they realize.....they won't miss the cursive a bit (LOL). DD printed the sayings on vellum, attached to the back of the vellum with glue dots were crisp(ironed & starched) $1 bills. We used the bind-it-all to make the book, decorated the outside and realized the $100 in ones made for a thick book so we made a band to hold it tight. Once she removes the $ it will be a normal looking little booklet.

I wanted to share a little quail nest in one of my planters. My hubby turned the watering system on & the momma flew out. he looked closer and realized there was a nest so he cut the water to my planter. My flowers are slowly wilting but hopefully the little quails will make it.

Hope you all have a great day! Happy Mothers Day this weekend. Maybe I can sneak a little goodie in this weekend.:)

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