Wednesday, July 22, 2009 mojo pimpette

Where do I start? Life has been a little hectic around here. We went to Texas for a week, my camera broke, we had a death in the family, we are in constant communication with our youngest daughter who is due any day now, I have been going to a boot camp, we had a calf come down with pneumonia, a lame cow and it is hotter than the hubs of Houlihan around here. With that said......I really wasn't in the mood to blog or craft but my friend pushed me daily to get motivated & kept my spirits up. She pestered me to get my mojo back in the groove & talked me into splitting a fantastic deal on Dustin Pikes digital stamps. I have been playing around with making cards & now she is pestering me to post so here I go......thanks Jenn for the love & shove.

I modified a tutorial on SCS of a tea bag holder to hold soup packets instead for a get well card.

Sam sent me this brak...very cute card...thanks Sam!

This is a picture of my ribbon. Laura did this to her ribbons & Sam loved it 7 copied it and when I saw how much room it saved, I just had to case them...Great idea girls, I love being able to see what I have at a glimpse. Hope Y'all have a wonderful inspirational day!

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Courtney said...

I love the beat up dinosaur at the top. He is super cute! By the way still no baby...but hopefully tomorrow at the doctor we will find out something good. love ya