Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Small bunny treat

I just thought of this little bunny and decided to try it . I picked up these little heart shaped tins at www.just4funcrafts.com. I talked to Jenn and she even suggested to take your crop-a-dile , punch a hole on the bottom and put a wooden skewer in it for a plant pick or to go in a Easter basket. You could even use a sucker stick for a shorter version. Jenn even has the whiskers which are waxy linen. If you use the coupon code of susave5 you can get a 5% discount on your order. Some items do not apply to the 5% thought....but almost everything does.


Rachele Funk said...

TOOOOO Cute! And you know I never did a thing with the ones I bought for Valentine's Day even though I had the best of intentions. . . Now they don't have to collect dust until next year!

Laura Pierce said...

These are so adorable and so YOU! I have all those ones that Diane got us only they are rectangle so I am going to try a bunny with that shape. Wish me luck!!! And this Just Hatched stamp set may be on my list. You are such an inspiration!! I miss you.