Monday, February 25, 2008

Mailing a 2 liter bottle

Here is what I did to mail the blog candy that Patty won. I took a 2 liter bottle, exacto knife, a piece of ds paper , a piece of lightweight cardstock, tacky tape,packing tape( clear is better but since I can't find my clear I had to use red), crystal effects, ribbon and pinches.

First I took the label off of the rinsed out and died 2 liter bottle, using my exacto knife I sliced about a 5 1/2 " slice on the side of the bottle. I also took the cap off & places crystal effects on the threads then screwed the top back on.

I stuffed all the goodies in being careful not to enlarge the slice. (This one was pretty packed) I normally use sizzle paper but I didn't have room in this one.

Next I placed my packing tape over the slit. Then all you have to do is cut your paper to size to fit over the slit. I cut 2 strips about 5 3/4 " and tape them together using tacky tape then I place tacky tape on the bottle to make sure it doesn't slip off during shipping. I place ribbon around the seams on the paper for decoration and on the edge of the cap. I punch circles and glue them to the top of the cap and last I make an address label and used tacky tape to adhere it over the seam. Be sure you do not don't want it to slip off in shipping either.

Here is the finished project. Postage depends on the weight of the bottle, I have spent anywhere from $3.00 to $5.oo to mail these. This one was $4.60. I always get nice comments from the recipents about how fun it is to receive one. Why not RAK someone special and try this!

I also make this little easter card. I do not have this stamp but I believe it is a Stampendous stamp. I used a friends stamp & just stamped off about 10 of this little guys but I didn't pay attention to whose stamp....sorry. The paper I picked up at a LSS Paper Vineyard in Chandler whose grand opening is going to be on the 1st of March I believe. I colored the images in with prismacolor pencils and the little polka dot brads are from paper wishes. Thanks for stiopping by!


Carolyn King said...

Wow..that is an adorable presentation---how clever! Love it and what a special treat to receive!

Lesli said...

What a great idea - very cute Easter card!

Patty W said...

OMgosh! You gotta be kidding me! I'm getting that?! More than special I sure will feel! That is SO adorable!!

I've seen lots of these made but don't know of anyone that's actually mailed one!

I love, love that Easter card. I need to get some made up to invite hubbys family for Easter dinner, but first we have to deal with his birthday this coming Monday!

Lois, you are Da Bomb! Happy , Happy Mail indeed! yippee


Cristina said...

You mail it just like that?! How adorable!! Love your creativity!

Kari said...

I am SO going to mail something in a 2 liter bottle after reading your post!!!

Regina said...

What a fabulous project! Great idea!