Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cricut Tip

If you have a Cricut, you may or may not have discovered that you can make a fun card using the New Arrival cartridge. I discovered by accident that if you use the "card 2" setting and the third button on the right hand side of the bottom row that says "foundation" you end up with a card that has a scalloped edge like my strawberry card below. I have my settings on 5 1/2 on size and 5 on both of the other dials. The card has the window already cut out and there are little tic marks where you score the card.

The Mini Monogram Cricut cartridge also has the square & circle scallop. They are great for making a large scalloped bases. I have seen the same size scalloped circle base at Swoozies .

This is a card we made on Wednesday using a Stampendous stamp. The cardstock is all SU! Sentiment is from a $1 acrylic stamp from Michael's. Have fun playing.


Kari said...

I REALLY need to play with my Cricut some more ... great tips! Love the idea of doing the cards and scallops - besides you can do lots of sizes! THANKS :)

Rachele Funk said...

That settles it! For my birthday I am getting a cricut. I just can't take it anymore!!!

Laura Pierce said...

Thanks for this cricut info Lois. Another thing to try. I bet there are tons of things we didn't know about what the cricut can do. Love this card - wished I could of been there.