Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas gifts

DH came in and told me he needed cards for some gift cards he bought.....DH never goes shopping so I was in shock he took the time to get the kids movie & dinner gift cards. He always makes comments that since I have $80,000.00 worth of stamping supplies I should be able to whip something out SO I figured if I wanted to make it to 100,000.00 worth I probably should make him some...LOL. I found a tutorial I liked from a tutorial link on Allison's blog(I am sorry for not remembering who's blog it was I linked too, I tried to find it again with no luck). I added cardstock to the back of the card to fit better into a 5x5 envelope. The concept for the base is the same as this link.

I couldn't post this before Christmas cuz my SIL reads my blog and I didn't want her to see what I was doing. These are the Friendship Tea jars I made for my SIL's. The idea came from Anna Wight , who has a link on her blog to the recipe. I added red hots & lemon drops and because my tea came pre-sweetened I did not add more sugar. I did straighten all the ribbons on the lid before I gave them out. Thank goodness I saw it on the picture before giving them out.


Rachele Funk said...

Too Stinking Cute! I love that hubby bought stuff and that he asked for you to doll them up. I love this card which could be adapted so easily to V-Day, right around the corner!!!

Your friendship tea is too stinking cute too. . . What jars did you use?

Miss you my friend! I need to come hang out with all your creative juices and put the $80K in supplies to work!!! LOL!!!

Dawn griffith said...

Oh my goodness you have been a busy gal .. Love all your Christmas goodies... and I am sure your SIL loved her gift ..
Dawn Griffith

Kari said...

Your jars turned out so darling!! What a fun idea :) Love that your husband went shopping, too!! Can't say I'm surprised he asked you to doll the gift cards up, though ;)