Sunday, November 4, 2007

It is Over

OK, the wedding is finally over & I am going to be able to breath & Play again with my stamps, ink, paper & friends who I have missed dearly! I thought I would share a few pics as proof that I am a free mother now! LOL

DD at top of stairs before her grand entrance. Then she is coming down the stairs with her proud Papa waiting below.

Here they are as man & wife.

Refreshments for the guests while pictures were being taken. My good friend Pam created this beauty. Next came the toasting with DSIL's father as the best man.
This is the cupcake cake she wanted. So there you are......I am pooped and off to bed. DH is off tomorrow and the kids are moving into their home so I will not post tomorrow but I am hoping Tuesday to be able to get back into the swing of things and post some fun stuff. (not that this wasn't fun, but it was exhausting and I can't remember when my feet have hurt so much...LOL) Good Night!


Tori said...

Yeah! You made it! It looks like it was an absolutely gorgeous wedding! Courtney looks beautiful. Gave me chills! Way to go mother-of-the-bride! BTW-where are pics of you all snazzied up? ;)

Rachele Funk said...


Kari said...

Every last detail is picture perfect!!! She was an absolutely stunning bride!!!! I *LOVE* the idea of the cupcake cake ... so fun :) Congrats to you on an amazing job with the whole thing! Now get in that stamp room and make some goodies to share ;)

Brandy said...


I wouldn't say that you were a free mom because isn't that a contradiction? Are Mom's ever Free? You did an awesome job with Putt's wedding. And we are all thankful for the hard work and inspiration that you put into it! It is done!!!! I agree with Kari--get into that hole and get going on some fun stuff that I can still ideas from and make for my kiddos teacher for Xmas!
Love ya much!!