Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I love the folder card that Sam made me for my birthday....very cute card. Sam is our stained glass girl. She has this huge pumpkin with beautiful leaves hanging in her window and just before I opened my gifts I mentioned she could give me her pumpkin stained glass......funny cuz when I opened my gift from her there was my pumpkin stained glass night light. No one was suppose to do anything for my birthday but them again no one listens to me. I have some pretty wonderful friends. Marie made me a lemon jello cake with this light lemon whipped frosting. It was yummy and we had pumpkin coffee too.

This cute card is from my friend Marie. She knows I like Gingerbread and guess what was in this cute bulb Cookie jar......gingerbread boys & girls.
Carolyn made me this darling card, it is hard to see in the picture but the flowers hace glitter on them and the dots are tootie dots made with acrylic paint & the end of a paint brush so they are raised. She tole painted this adorable gingerbread boyon the top of this candy dish. Such a talented friend I have.....heck all three of them are. Thanks girls, very nice surprise even if I did try to get out of it. LOL

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Rachele Funk said...

What a bad friend I am! I have something for you for your birthday too and I completely forgot to give it to you! I was going to come by last Thursday and left the present home by accident and since then I've completely spaced it! Hope you had an awesome day and I'm truly sorry I blew it!