Friday, October 26, 2007

Late night creations

I stayed up late last night playing since I didn't have to get up early today. I make 3 cards that are similar. One I sent off as a thank you, the two that are left are for another friend & a card for the troops. I used SU! Summer Sun and Old Olive CS, SU! Art of life with the same color markers with a hint of Pumpkin Pie marker.

I have had these produce bags that I purchases from Stamp On This sitting around for the longest time. I used the PaperTreyInk stamp set Holiday Treats. The topper slides up the handle to open.

Close up of the topper. The background is a SU! jumbo wheel Rough Texture

Have a great day!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


OK....Today is my birthday....Yes I am on the downhill slide and gravity has a huge hold on me! LOL My friend Cathy sent me this butterfly card made with SU!'s Garden Whimsy(which happens to be one of my favorite SU! sets). Thanks Cathy, I love it!

This car here is from my SIL and it is a thank you card from the birthday gift I made for her. She used another favorite set SU! Best of Cluck. Very cute card too Deb! Thanks for the Thanks.

Here is the inside of my birthday card from Debbie(SIL). She used a huge sheet of artist paper to make this card & she knows my favorite color combination just happens to be Turquoise and black. If you click on the card it will make the card larger to see all the details she put into it. Thanks Deb, I love it!

Front of the card! My stamping buddies wanted to have a little gathering tomorrow for me but with the wedding being a week from Saturday I am going crazy trying to get loose ends tied up. I will be so happy when this is over and i can get back to stamping. I am having HUGE withdrawals. I feel like I can't concentrate on being creative. Oh well, have a great day every one... I know I will. Oh ...I almost forgot. My DD and my husband got together and surprised me this see DH is on a business trip in Texas and will not be back until tomorrow sh he had her go buy bouquets...yes 3 of them for me and strategically put them around the house....on the kitchen counter, on my computer and on my bathroom sink to let me know even thought he is far away he is still here in heart & soul. He even had a wonderful card signed in one of the bouquets. I am sure my daughter bought the extra two bouquets but we won't let him know we know. LOL Thanks Putt!(DD nickname)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Acetate Boxes

I just love these little boxes. Kelly at Diaries of a Stamper has a tutorial showing how to make them. The really look cuter in person, She has a cute Halloween one on her blog.

This is my DGD who will be one on Wednesday. I couldn't resist taking the cookie face picture.

These two little guys are 2 of my 4 DGSons who just happen to love to put on Boppa's hats. They are too funny walking around in these hats. Just thought I would share a little of our crazy but fun Sunday.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Thank you

This is a really cute thank you card that my friend sent me. The little tag slides in under the U. Thank you Sam for the darling card & inspiration.

Son's 28th Birthday

Yesterday was my son's 28Th birthday but he is working out of town so I haven't been able to give him his card yet. We will be seeing him tomorrow at his daughters 1st birthday. His card looks better in real life but what can I say. The stamp is by Thomas Kinkade, i purchased it at Cornish Heritage Farms. He loves to fly fish so I thought this was a perfect card for him. Happy Birthday Son!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


My oldest daughter came up with the idea of using the 2 ft letters from JoAnn's to spell her sister's new last name. She and I Mod Podged strips of torn paper in fall colors onto the letters. You would think this would go pretty fast but it seemed like we worked on these forever. The letters were displayed at the bridal shower and will be on the gift table at the wedding. My youngest daughter loved them so all was good. The A is done with shades of red as opposed to fall colors. Just thought I would share why I didn't have anything to post for awhile....I couldn't give her surprise away. More later.....

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wedding Mints

My Friend Jenn came over yesterday to help me with mints to go on the tables for the wedding. I got the idea from Cambria. We made 240 mints with Courtney & Steven embossed in the center of the "flower". If you are looking for coasters, clear tins, regular tins, brads,bind-it-all, pizza name on Jenn's name above & she can get them too you. The prices are very good there too. I am off to deliver my SU! order & to play with some friends today. I am taking a me day(although, yesterday was fun!). Happy stamping!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


My friend Rachele has tagged me and put the guilt pressure on me to play so here goes....

2 names I go by:
1. Buff
2. LoAss (I do have a sense of humor because my maiden name is Wishart so I grew up as LoAss either cry a lot or adapt....I adapted)

2 things I am wearing right now
1. A Halloween tshirt
2. black capri's

2 of my favorite things to do.
1 play with my grand kids
2 play in my craft room

2 things I want very badly
1 peace on earth
2 time to play in my room

2 of my favorite pets ever
1. Butchie- a great dog that we had for about 13 years
2. Tidbit- another dog we had for many years

2 people i am tagging
1 Kari at Running In Place
2. Brandy at Heritage Cupboard

2 things I did last night
1 Made enchiladas for hubby and his friend
2 Tackled my laundry room

2 things I have eaten today
1 a bagel
2. butter on my bagel

2 people I talked to last night
1 DH
2 DD

2 things I plan to do tomorrow
1 I have to get thru today first
2 work on wedding stuff

2 longest car rides
1 drove thru 19 states & Canada with parents freshman year HS
2. Washington

2 favorite holidays
1 Christmas
2 Halloween

2 favorite vacations
1 Mailboat rides with my family
2 Fishing at Sheep's crossing

2 dream vacations
1 Sheep's crossing
2. Sheep's crossing

2 favorite beverages
1Vanilla milkshake
2. Diet coke

Fall Display

With the wedding right around the corner (25 days away) I have been like a crazy person trying to get stuff done. I did manage to get a fall display put up that I thought I would share with you. It is nice to just go to the haystack and grab some bales rather than have to go find some! I found most of the stuff at JoAnn's. I am going to work on some favors for the wedding today and I will share them with you when I get some done. Hopefully I will be back to posting on a somewhat regular basis after the wedding. Thanks for stopping by.