Thursday, September 27, 2007


Good morning, it seems as the wedding draws nearer my mind seems to be overwhelmed and then something takes place to put everything back into perspective. I made this card for a dear friend of ours who happens to be a true cowboy. He is in the hospital and last night we went to visit & it just so happens he was having exploratory surgery. The Dr. came out to let everyone know he is 99% sure it is cancer. It seems that dreaded disease has attached itself to his liver and stomach but they believe it started in his colon and possibly is on his prostrate. In side the card I stamped " You to get well soon". Please say a prayer for Charlie, he is such a wonderful caring gentleman.

For the card I used the SU! Wanted, the background is SU! Sanded. I had a piece of pleather or faux leather from working in the drapery shop that I thought went well with set. I used nail heads & the metal corners that I picked up at just4fun . The rope is made with waxy flax also from just4fun. Fitting card for Charlie. Hope you all have a great day, thanks for looking. HUGS!

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Kari said...

Your card is gorgeous ... perfect for a "real" cowboy ;) I read about Charlie on Brandy's blog and am so sorry to hear the updated news. I will say a prayer for him and his family.