Saturday, September 29, 2007

SIL's Birthday

My SIL's birthday is on Tuesday the 2ND (We won't say how old she is......but boy is it OLD!) LOL. I picked up this tall canister and used my Home ProTool to punch hole in the lid so the pipe cleaners would look like stems coming out of the top. Using the Cricut, punches and Primas, I made a little garden on top, adding 3 clear stamp sets to the mix. I cut Happy Birthday out using the Cricut to decorate the front on the can & then filled the can with candy bars & kisses. Now I have to tell her to stay away from looking at my blog until she receives this. Off to work in the gardens to get them ready for the wedding....I almost typed weeding....actually that is what i am working on. Hugs!


Rachele Funk said...

Stinking Adorable, as usual!

Kari said...

WOWZERS!!! That is one lucky SIL!! Absolute love what you did ... I'm sure she will too ;)