Sunday, July 1, 2007

Family Blessings

I just had to show you Stephen, my DD boyfriend. We all get together every Sunday for dinner and last Sunday, Stephen said he would really like to make dinner for everyone. So I agreed.....geez who wouldn't! LOL. Stephen came over before church to get the pot roast going. In Arizona we try to keep the house cool so everything was thrown into the roaster and plugged in out on the bar outside. He was dressed for church already and I was afraid he might get something on his clothes so I asked if he wanted to wear an apron, he replied "sure" so my DD had to take a picture of him. Did you notice he is wearing Gingerbread????? A man after my own heart!!!!
I made an album for my family pictures using a Maya Road chipboard album. There were 4 more pages that went in the book but I added so many embellishments I couldn't use them. I wouldn't have been able to close it once I got all my pictures in it. No harm though, I am going to use those to make a second one using rings.
The paper is a packet I picked up at just4funcrafts. The paper K&Co. I love pinks and greens together so this packet just grabbed me. Every page has some sort of interaction going on. I put tags, pockets, file folders double slots for 2 tags on some pages and lots of nailheads. I carried the same nailheads through out the book. They are antique brass, and I set them using my Homeprotool that I got from Jenn at just4fun. She is such an enabler, I swear she twists my arm!!!!! LOL

This picture has a paper paperclip using a
Sizzix die cut. I cut two from cardstock & one from a thin chipboard & then glued them together to give some stability, next i used the mega oval scallop punch to make a top for the clip. I cut a second scallop and sandwiched the clip between the 2 ovals.

The tag on the right side slips out of the diagonal piece of cardstock. I glued just the two corners so I could just slide the tag in and put pics on both sides. The next picture shows the back side of the tag when it is slipped out.

This has a file folder slipped into another variation of the page before. The gingham cardstock is only glued at the top & bottom allowing the file folder to be slipped in & out.

Here it is out

A little hard to see in this picture but the tags come out of a little envelope on the left side & the right hand side has a file folder that opens. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for visiting. I do have another post but I have to wait to give the present to a friend before I post. I don't want to give her any clues! Off to help make a salad.


papercraftaddict said...

Just can't wait to see this one in person! The book and the boyfriend! Go Courtney!

Paula said...

This book is darling. Love the color scheme and your embellishments. TFS