Thursday, July 12, 2007

Busy Day Yesterday!!!

The grandsons went home last night and even though I thoroughly enjoyed having them, I am pooped!!!! When we were swimming yesterday our dogs kept barking so I finally got out of the pool to investigate to see what was getting them so riled up and lo & behold, one of our cows who we thought would calf in September dropped a little heifer yesterday. We thought we seperated her from the bull before he bred her but I guess not. We really wanted her to be bred by a different bull but guess that didn't happen. Oh well, my grandson Cody wants to name her so she is nameless right now. Hopefully the other four cows that are due to calf will be bred by the right bull and we don't have any other surprises....keep your fingers crossed! I am off to stamp with my Wednesday group, they are so good to me they moved it to Thursday for me so I could play with them. I will post what we do when I get home. Thanks for stopping by!
PS....I forgot to tell you, we own a portion of a cow in Wisconsin who has a very good blood line so her heifer calves are in big demand and she threw a heifer yesterday too.....Yippeeeee!!!!! It was a great day....07/11/07...go figure.
OK>>>>Cody has decided to name her Cupcake. She looks like a cupcake to me. We have had a Buttercup, Milkdud(cuz he couldn't give milk), Butterscotch, Coco, my 2 year old grandson named one Oakmilk, Cupcake seems to fit right into the theme we have going here...LOL

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Rachele Funk said...

So what's the name??? Cute as always and looks healthy too! Do premature calfs have "problems" or were you just off on the dates?