Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Peaches, Peaches, and more Peaches

Sorry I haven't posted anything lately, I have had 3 of my grandsons this week and my oldest daughter came over yesterday to help me can peaches. We canned 32 quarts and stopped for the day. I still have about 8 bags of peaches & then I need to do the plums & apples. When we were picking the peaches we found a king snake that managed to get himself tangled up in the bird netting & unfortunately we didn't find him in time. He has been hanging around here for the longest time and I haven't seen him lately so I was disappointed when we found.
I did get a small bind it all booklet put together but I still need to embellish it some more then I will post it. I will try to get that done tonight & get it posted....til then...happy stamping.


Anonymous said...

Those look yummy. My sister and I get together every year to do some canning. Sometimes, when we want to get really crazy, we put a little brandy in the canned peaches. :)

Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

The peaches look so good....I havent' canned in a while so I am envious. Sorry about your snake. Take care.......and thank you again for your help!